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Little Loco Solo Run

How Many Legs Can You Complete On Race Day?

April 1st, 20232

Forest Ranch, Ca

Solo Runner Option (Runners running solo, not on a team)

Solo runners have the option of running whatever distance they choose, in 2 leg increments, beginning with the first 2 legs and working their way all the way to 12 legs (Legs 1-2, legs, 1-4, legs 1-6, legs 1-8, etc). Legs must be run in order. There are 6 unique legs, and they are doubled on the course for a total of 12 legs.

No need to choose how many you will complete ahead of time. The catch is that you must complete your run in 2 leg increments and in order so, if you run your first two (#1 & #2) and keep going, you must complete the next two (#3 & #4) to officially finish - and so on. How far can you make it? The price is the same no matter how many loops you run - $70 (before Jan 2, $75 after).

Solo runners will have their own designated area to set up their base camp. It will be large enough to fit a 10x10 canopy in. This is suggested (and maybe even walls for your canopy) as this time of year can see some chilly temps. Runners are welcome to set up whatever they need (except a fire pit) inside their 10x10 area. We encourage at the very least a chair and/or cot and heavy blanket or sleeping bag. A cook stove might be of use as well. PLEASE BRING EXTRA CLOTHING TO CHANGE IN TO at least for after you come through the finish line but preferably for between every few legs. Extra socks and shoes aren't a bad idea either...just in case.

*NOTE: Due to the nature of this beast, solo runners are not allowed pacers to help them complete this event. They ARE allowed crew at the Start/Finish line to aid them anytime they arrive and depart, for however long it takes them to do so.


There will be a warming tent available near where runners check in between legs. Legs include dirt, gravel a small amount of pavement, tons of trees, probably some mud, maybe some snow, hill climbing, creek views, lots of fresh mountain air, a little bit of um...adventure on Leg 1 and a dang good time!

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