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Basic Loco Packing List

This list is just a basic list of suggested items for you and your team mates to bring on The Loco 200 Relay. You can add to or take away from this list at your discretion.

It is in no way an absolutely complete list. If you find that you need something more, please add it to your own packing list.


Only the items at the end of the list, marked with an asterisk are mandatory

team items. These few specific items your team will need to bring to participate

in the relay and will need to show them to the race director before the race begins.


(this is just a guide. If you are someone who needs 10 pairs of undies, bring them

…we don’t want to be responsible for you running out!)


2 pairs of running shoes

Flip flops (let your feet relax between legs and after the relay)

2-3 pairs of running shorts/bottoms (think day time warm, evening cool to cold)

3 running tops (think day time warm, evening cool to cold)

Lightweight comfy sweatpants or similar (to relax in between legs or after race)

Comfy t-shirt (to relax in between legs or after race)

1 Lightweight Jacket (may be cooler in the eveing/morning)

4 pairs of running socks

1 pair of compression socks (if you have them)

3-4 sports bras (ladies)

4-5 undies

Appropriately comfortable change of clothes for after the race (including underclothes)



GPS Sport Watch (Garmin, etc)

Running Water Bottle/Belt (please please please bring some sort of refillable running hydration container! We will have water in many locations but we are not supplying cups…we don’t want any Loco litter left behind)

Running Hat

Running Gloves

Neck Gator

Foot/Ankle Gators



Road ID

Accessory Belt or Armband



Phone (service is spotty or non-existent in many areas but please always have a phone in your vehicle just in case…plus you can use it for pictures)

CAMERA!!! (Go Pro if you have one!)

Chargers for ALL your electronic devices!

KT Tape (waterproof generally works best)

Foam Roller Massager (this is a torturous device but you may just be singing its praises if you get a tight IT Band!)

Hydration Tablets (Nuun, Salt Stick, etc)



Water (although there will be water along the route, The Loco Crew suggests bringing your own as well. We also ask {beg!} you to bring gallon jugs and refill your own individual water containers from there…you know, save the earth style! Plus you won’t have so much trash in your vehicles with all of the plastic water bottles).

Protein Shakes

Chocolate Milk

Protein Bars


Granola Bars

Gu, Shot Blocks, Chomps, Clif Bars, etc

Rice Cakes


Peanut Butter and Jelly Fixin’s


Basically anything that will keep you going that you know you may want, pack it up and bring it out.


It is generally a good rule of thumb to be prepared to share with your van-mates but we will leave that up to you!


Don’t forget your ice chest filled with ice!



This list is most definitely not a complete, concrete list.

Out of all of the packing you do, this one truly is up to you to make sure you have

everything that YOU personally need! 

Please check and double check your personal toiletry items!

You don’t want to be THAT runner…





Glide (or other anti-chafe product)

Baby/Body Wipes (goes without saying...bring these)

Soap/Shampoo (dry shampoo)/Conditioner (for when you do finally get a shower!)

1-2 towels (camp towels are good. They come in handy for all sorts of things along your adventure…plus you can use one for that glorious shower we keep talking about)


Hair Rubberbands/Clips/Bobby Pins

1-2 Bandanas (we strongly suggest this item. Seriously. Hair-dos, dust, sweat name it, a bandana can do it!)

Zip lock bags (small and large)

Sunscreen (this was on the gear list…we must mean it!)


Band-aids (or basic first aid kit)

Mole Skin

Glide (what? Listed again? You should probably bring some!)

Foot Powder



Hand Sanitizer (we strongly encourage bringing this stuff)

Extra Toilet Paper…just in case! (another strong encouragement here)




Small Pillow (Seriously. Small!)


Sleeping Bag or Blanket in a compression sack. You will want the extra space!


Small Tarp to lay out for sleeping or hanging out


TRASH BAGS! (Pack in, Pack out. Please do not leave garbage anywhere along the route!)


Zip lock bags (small and large…listed for the second time. Whaaaat?)


Paper Towels


Utensils for any food you are bringing that requires it


Costumes! Costumes! Costumes! Don’t be shy! Bring your best most Loco get up and get crazy!


Vehicle Decorating Items…this is not the time to hold back. Your vehicle says a lot about your team. It is your

home for almost 2 days. Show us what you are all about! …who knows, maybe you will even get a prize!


Relay Race Bible including Leg Maps and Directions - Many runners make a big Relay Race Binder Bible with all of the legs and direction printed out for their van and then individual runners can print out their individual legs. Often times this is where the all important large Ziplock bags come in handy. Put individual leg maps for yourself in separate bags and label them with notes of what you may need on that leg – headlamp, sunscreen etc.


Wallet with ID and some cash (enough to refill your vehicle with gas and get snacks or other items along the way)


Unicorn - because let's be honest, you never know when you are going to need one.




Mandatory Items

The following items are mandatory. You must bring them. Period.


*Headlamp (at least 2 per vehicle)

*Extra Batteries for Headlamp/flashers/flashlight

*Reflective Vest with Flashers (2 per vehicle)

*Flashlight (1 per vehicle)

*Orange Flag to attach to Top of Vehicle Antenna 

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