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What Was New In 2016?! 

Also, check below, at the "What was new in 2015" to see which of those changes remain the same!


1. Both relays are are starting at Jonesville Snowmobile Park, Located in Butte Meadows, just 5 miles down the road from the Bambi Inn. Both relays will still end at the Bambi Inn!


2. Since the beginning, teams have dreaded the all pavement, twisty, turny, hot Skyway leg during the first loop. Well, guess what?! We have figured out how to remove that nasty leg from the relay all together! That's right, we have removed the entire first loop. With the start line now at Jonesville snowmobile park, runners first loop will now be the Eagle Head Loop, above Butte Meadows. Not to worry, no van will repeat the same loop twice.


3. We know we said it in #2 but just in case you missed it...we removed the entire 1st loop (from Bambi Inn to Jonesville, down Jonesville Rd to Lake Philbrook Reservoir and back up Skyway to the Bambi Inn). Instead, Van 1 (of The Loco 200 only, not The Little Loco Relay) will start their epic relay journey tackling the Eaglehead Loop first.


4. Cut-off time to come through the finish line is 11pm. You still have plenty of time to complete the course, so don't worry! If, for some reason, your team is past the cut-off time, you may finish the course at your own risk (we will not have aid out on the course after 11pm).


What was new in 2015?!


1. We added a second option in your relay choice!!! In 2015 you get to choose between The Loco 200 Relay (full relay, 2 days, 184 miles) and The Little Loco Relay (last 12 legs of the full course, 1 day, 64 miles). We were super excited about offering this second choice and you were too! To get the details on this sweet distance, check out "The Little Loco Relay" on our drop down menu, under "The Loco 200 Relay" SAME!


2. Signage – In 2014 we learned that in all of our attempts to make the signage visible at night (glow in the dark paint, glow sticks, over 500 signs, reflector tape), all failed except for reflector tape!  Solution? Reflector tape on every sign so headlights and headlamps can see all signs. The Loco Crew has also purchased 100 high powered, long lasting, battery operated LED string lights that are visible from a distance. These were wrapped around every leg designation sign at the START/FINISH of each leg. They softly lit up the immediate area at the aide station. They were also be placed on “blinking mode” at important directional signs and forks in the road, and were placed, in intervals, along the now infamous Lake Almanor Rec Trail Legs (Rocky Point Campgrounds) to assure runners that they were on the right path (see more about this leg in #2).  SAME!


3. In 2015, we had a bike team (YES!) riding the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail Legs back and forth to keep runners from getting lost and to make them feel safe and secure. We also had lights out and reflector tape on the Almanor Leg relay signs, helping to make them more visible. SAME!


4. Little Grizzly Valley Unaccompanied Portion of Legs 9 & 21 – It seems that these particular legs caused a multitude of problems in 2014, for several teams! Solution? The unaccompanied portion of these legs were voted out and removed! In addition, ALL unaccompanied legs were removed EXCEPT the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail LEGS. Read #2 to learn about the fantastic additions to those legs! SAME!


5. In 2015, no van repeated the same legs twice. There were legs on the course used twice in the relay however; they were not be repeated by the same van. Much of The Loco 200 Relay course remained the same as in 2014, with an awesome additional loop, up above Butte Meadows!  SAME!


6. Hunting Season...The Loco 200 Relay 2015 was not during hunting season (PHEW!)!

It was within the two week break of archery and rifle season so, our relay did not coincide with hunting season at all. We will not have any problems with the hunting season situation ever again. Sort of the same...the date for the relays has been moved to July (instead of September) so we are now way out of hunting season!


7. Less pavement...need we say more?! SAME...and now even less!


8. In 2014 the start line had to be moved at the last minute due circumstances beyond our control BUT, we have great news!!! In 2015, we started and finished at the Bambi Inn where the Loco Crew and Runners are always welcome and the start and finish line is always available (and not under construction!!!)! This also meant that you can camp or rent a cabin near the start and finish line! Start line moved to Jonesville Snowmobile Park. Refer to #1 in "What's new in 2016?"


9. In 2015, there were only 2 locations for the 5 DVSPs and we managed a small short cut, taking around 30 minutes off your drive time from one designated vehicle switch point to another! All registered participants received a timeline of when the DVSPs open so that runners could make an informed decision as to which DVSP to head to and when. SAME!


10. Coffee & Tea will be available at each of the 5 DSVPs. SAME!


11. In 2015, the after party started at 3pm, for those teams that come in a little earlier. SAME!


12. For those of you who were super bummed in 2014 because you couldn't post your relay selfies due to little to NO cell service on the relay course....we tried our best to erect an official Loco cell phone tower but we just couldn't get the permits. Better luck in 2016! HAHAHA! SAME...probably for a long time!


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