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Little Loco Relay Run

Teams of 2, 3 or 6

April 1st, 20232

Forest Ranch, Ca

Team Relay Option

1 Day, 65-ish Miles, 2, 3 or 6 runner teams! Run through the woods of Forest Ranch (just below Butte Meadows) and join us in this crazy pirate party. Bring your pirate running attire and decorate your team base camp like a pirate camp! Your 65ish mile journey begins about 30 minutes above Chico, California, in Forest Ranch, winding its way through beautiful, wooded trails and dirt and gravel forest roads.


You and your teammates will run each leg from the team base camp and back. There are 6 unique legs that double on the course to make 12 legs. That's 2 legs per runner if you have 6 runners, 4 legs per runner if you have 3 runners and 6 legs per runner if you have 2 runners. You choose who runs which legs. Teams keep the party going at base camp while runners take turns running their legs. Last runners in each team runs to the finish (team base camp) where teams can enjoy a delicious post-race meal (included in registration) while cheering on other teams as they make their way to the finish.

*You DO NOT need your entire team built to register. You can register one person now and as you build your team, each teammate registers and chooses your team from a drop down list during registration. Team names can be changed once you have your team in order.


Course Design & Layout For The Relay
Runners will not need team vehicles. Instead, we will have a team base camp set up at the start line. Every team will have their designated spot (so we can practice social distancing between teams). Teams set up their day camp where their designated spot is and hang out and cheer their runners on all day. Each team will have a 10x10 spot to set up whatever they need (EXCEPT A FIRE PIT) to keep their team going. We strongly suggest a canopy (and walls if you've got them) and chairs at the very least. A cook stove for warm beverages or food, propane heater and a cot or two with warm blankets or sleeping bags are all smart ideas as this time of year the weather can be chilly. PLEASE BRING CHANGES OF CLOTHES FOR BETWEEN LEGS SO YOU DON'T FREEZE IN SWEATY CLOTHES! Extra socks and shoes are probably smart as well. We will have a warming tent near where runners start and finish their legs.

Although you will be close enough to have access to your vehicles, your vehicles will not be allowed at your team base camp. Please DO NOT plan to use your vehicles are your base camp.

The course will be like a flower (a very oddly shaped flower!), with the team base camp at the center and the legs as the pedals. We will have one big aid station/check in station at the team base camp for incoming runners and teammates to check in and get aid. We will, of course have our post-race meal, starting at 3pm-ish.

The new course and design are completely different than our earlier years, but we have had such an amazing experience since 2021 we are excited and promise that it will be fun, still have great challenges, beautiful scenery and even some elevation gain and loss.


Since this race has a cap on team and single runner limits, get registered now so you don't miss out!

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