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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the date and location of The Loco 200 Relay?


Butte Meadows, Ca (Jonesville Snowmobile Park)

Saturday, July 27-28th, 2018


How many miles is The Loco 200 Relay?


What started out as 200 miles has been perfected to a solid 184 miles... - ish.


How many people are on each team for The Loco 200 Relay and how many legs does each runner run?


12 Person Team: 3 Legs Per person

6 Person Team: 6 Legs Per Person

3 Person Team: 12 Legs Per Person

2 Person Team: 18 Legs Per Person


How long are each of the legs of The Loco 200 Relay?


Leg length varies depending on leg. Legs are approx 3-8.5 miles per leg.

Is The Price Listed On Registration Per Person or Per Team?

The Price listed is per person. Each person registers individually. You DO NOT need to register the entire team all at one time. You can register 1 person to hold the team's place on the relay roster (registration is limited to 20 Loco 200 teams) and your teammates sign up as you build your team.


Do We Need Vehicles For The Relay and How Many?


Yes, you will need team vehicle/s to get all of your runners from point A to point B, while they are not actively running their leg. Team members ride together and follow their runner on the course. Decorating vehicles is highly encouraged!


12 Person Teams:

2 Vehicles. 6 runners in each vehicle. Each vehicle/runners runs 6 legs (1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31-36) and switches at each DVSP.

6 person team: 

You have 2 options. You can either have everyone ride in 1 vehicle or you can split your team evenly into 2 vehicles and switch at the DVSPs. Vehicle 1 runs legs 1-6 and Vehicle 2 runs legs 7-12. Vehicle 2 meets Vehicle 1 at DVSP 1 to switch. Team CAN NOT have more than one vehicle on the course at the same time.


2 & 3 Person Teams:

1 Vehicle. All runners ride in the same vehicle throughout the entire course. You do not switch vehicles at DVSP 1. You only check in to switch runners and have your time recorded.


What kind of vehicles do we need and where can we get them if we don't have one?


You absolutely need a vehicle with just a bit of clearance (no Prius', lowered vehicles, Honda Civics and the like)! We strongly suggest that you use an SUV (small or large), truck (not lowered) or large passenger van. DO NOT attempt to bring a regular car or lowered vehicle onto the course. Although most of the course is on well maintained dirt and gravel forestry roads, there are still some pot holes and areas where a lowered vehicle or regular car just won't cut it, especially when weighed down by passengers and gear, and especially up on Eaglehead Loop.


In the past, we have made a deal with Enterprise Car Rental for SUVs and passenger vans. We are currently working on making that deal available to teams again. If you do not want to use Enterprise, or do not want to wait for our Loco deal, please feel free to contact any other car rental agency of your choice or use your own qualified vehicle.


What is a DVSP?

A DVSP is a designated vehicle switch point. It is a major aid station (The Little Loco Relay has one DVSP, The Loco 200 Relay has 5). This is where runners have completed a set of 6 legs (1-6, 7-12 etc) and the incoming vehicle of runners tags the outgoing vehicle of runners. There will be snacks and all sorts of goodies for Loco runners at the DVSPs! The DVSPs are located at Jonesville Snowmobile Park (also where the start line is located) and out near Rocky Point Campgrounds, on the Lake Almanor side of the course. Jonesville will account for 3 of your DVSPs and Rocky Point, 2.

In a 12 person team, where does the van not in use and runners not running go when it isn't their turn to run?


At the Jonesville DVSP there will be a station set up where you can lay out a sleeping bag and/or cot. Jonesville DVSP is the DVSP where most of your "sleep time" waiting will be. Quiet -ish hours will be from 10:30pm-Sunrise. This means that the music will be turned way down and we will ask runners to respect the "sleeping area" as a whisper/no loud noises zone. Bring earplugs if you are a light sleeper...sound travels!


Each vehicle (and runners inside) has the option of staying a few hours at the current DVSP where they just "tagged' the vehicle on the move, before moving on to the next DVSP to be "tagged" and begin running again or, moving on to the next DVSP immediately to wait there the entire time there to be "tagged". It is up to the runners in the van as to which they choose to do as long as they plan enough time to get to the next DVSP before the van in motion arrives to "tag" them to begin their next set of legs.


For example: Van #1 has just completed their first set of legs (legs 1-6) and tagged Van #2 at Jonesville DVSP (located at the end of leg 6/beginning of leg 7). Van #1, as the resting van, now has a choice. They can stay at Jonesville DSVP for a few hours before driving to meet van #2 at Rocky Point DSVP (located at the end of leg 12/beginning of leg 13) or immediately drive to Rocky Point DSVP and wait the entire time there - and so on throughout the race.


How long do we have to complete The Loco 200 Relay course?


You will have until 10:30pm on Saturday, July 28th, 2018 to cross the finish line. After 10:30pm, there may not be any support for runners on the course. Runners will begin their Loco adventure at 7am, and should have just under a 13 minute per mile AVERAGE pace for the ENTIRE team (meaning it's ok if one or two runners have a slower pace than this, as long as there are a few runners who have a faster pace. It is the team average, NOT per runner).


How will we know where we are going on the relay course and when to stop?


The relay course will be marked with very visible survey flags or PVC pipe frames, with brightly colored tape tied to the survey flags or PVC frames. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OTHER TAPE PUT ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!! Markers will be placed every half a mile. If you go a mile and do not see a marker, you have likely gone the wrong way. Please turn around and go back to the last marker to see where you went wrong.

We work hard to clearly mark turns. If you DO NOT see a sign indicating a turn, DON'T turn!!!


There will be an aid station, with volunteers, to mark the start/end of each leg. You must check in with these volunteers so that they can record your time.

In the past, we have had a bit of trouble with vandals moving or taking a few signs here and there, or using them as target practice with their ATVs. As an extra measure, the map link (via CalTopo) that we have posted on the main Loco 200 page, has a file to download in to your GPS  device so that you can use it out on the relay course. This is incredibly handy. You generally need to download an offline map to use on your device, since there is no cell/data coverage on most of the course. The app that we use is MotionX GPS, for Iphones. It is simple and TOTALLY worth using if you are concerned about getting lost.

What's The Thing About The Volunteers

Each 12 person team is required to supply 2 volunteers. Each 6 person team (or less) is required to supply 1 volunteer. You can rent a volunteer for $25. The $25 goes back to the organization that supplied the volunteer. It takes at least 100 volunteers to put this race on so, we prefer it if you supply the volunteer, if possible. 

There will be a volunteer meeting, on site. The meeting usually takes place approximately 2 weekends before race day. We have one on the Butte Meadows side of the course (for those volunteering on that side) and one on the Lake Almanor side (for those volunteering on that side). This meeting is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. We show volunteers where they will be stationed and go over everything important. Exact dates and times will be posted as we get closer to May 2018.


What kind of stuff will you have out on the course for us?


Each aid station will be stocked differently. Some aid stations will be water only and some will have electrolytes and snacks. The DVSPs will be fully stocked with water, snacks and electrolytes.

PLEASE NOTE: The food and electrolytes out on the course are not meant to sustain you for the entirety of the race. 

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN FOOD to sustain you and your teammates or else you might be very hungry.  

***PLEASE NOTE - Your teammates and drivers are your support crew and running family along the route! Be prepared to refill water bottles along the route for teammates, hand runners Gu and Fuel, change headlamp batteries, check in on health and moral and give ample high fives and words of encouragement! There will be major aide stations at each DVSP and minor check in and water refill aide stations at all other beginning/end of each legs. Please plan on carrying snacks, hygiene supplies, medication, sleeping bags/mats, water etc in your vehicle during the race. There will be long stretches of the relay course where there are no stores or other options to purchase these things.


What is the Loco After Party that I keep hearing about?


The Loco After Party starts a 3pm at the finish line (the Bambi Inn). You are invited to enjoy a post race meal (included in your registration), enjoy the music and hang out to cheer on the other teams as they cross the finish line.


What kind of swag do I get for running The Loco 200 Relay?


Loco runners always get great swag! All Loco 200 Relay runners will receive great Loco swag at packet pick up, a finishers medallion and a post race meal at the finish line...not to mention the best, most friendly volunteer support out on the course and awesome snacks! We are still working out the details on some other great goodies so, stay tuned!


Where can I stay for Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday night?


Please check our lodging page. There are several options there!


Will I need to attend a team meeting?


There will be a brief team captains meeting, after packet pick up (6:15pm, 7/26) that you will need to attend, if no one on your team has ran The Loco 200 Relay. If you, or someone on your team, can not attend this meeting you must email the race director, immediately, at It is pertinent that you and your teammates are well informed of the rules and important information pertaining to The Loco 200 Relay.


Can I get a refund if I can't run?

No refunds will be issued for this event. If you can not run, please consider your registration fees a generous donation to one of our wonderful beneficiaries. Transfers are allowed. Please contact the RD at

Other Important Stuff We've Learned Over The Years  That Is Worth Mentioning:

1. A driver for EACH team vehicle is STRONGLY encouraged. Seriously. Really.

2. Your team driver is NOT considered your race volunteer/s. They are your own personal volunteer. The two required volunteers supplied need to be different people. Your drivers will be just as exhausted as your runners and won't want to volunteer a race shift too.

3. Your drivers are awesome...consider purchasing them a meal ticket and paying for their sleep accommodations if you stay before or after the race.

4. Your race volunteers are awesome...their meal ticket is provided by the race...consider paying for their sleep accommodations if they stay a night away from their home.

5. Only one leg per team is allowed to be ran at any given time. That means you can not have one runner running Leg 1 while you drop another runner off to complete Leg 2 at the same time. This is called leapfrogging and your team will be's cheating. YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE RUNNER RUNNING THE SAME LEG AS SUPPORT OR MOTIVATION FOR THE RUNNER COMPLETING THAT SPECIFIC LEG (like the buddy system).

6. Only one team vehicle, per team, on the course at the same time. Period.

7. Please don't drive backwards on the course, unless absolutely necessary. It's confusing and dangerous.

8. Drive Slow. If you aren't sure how slow to drive, go slower. If you are passing a runner, go at a snails pace until you are well out of dust out distance.

9. There will be dust. 

10. There are 4 unaccompanied legs on the course. Legs 12, 13, 29 & 30. They are on the paved Lake Almanor Rec Trail. For these legs, stay on the paved trail from the moment you get on it, until the moment you can see the aid station. These legs will not have markers every half mile (as per our permits). They will only have markers when the trail is intersected with a road to indicate where the trail picks back up. It is VERY obvious. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF LOCO, just stay on the paved trail until you can see the aid station...approximately 4.4 miles total distance for the leg. Don't forget to bring water with you on this leg. There will not be an aid station until the very end of the leg. Most of you won't run any of these legs in the dark BUT, if you think you might, bring a headlamp on your run and stay on the PAVED trail!

11. If friends and family want to check you out during the race, they can come to one of the DVSPs. They ARE NOT allowed on the course, unless they are riding in your team vehicle, with the current runners.

12. Don't forget to get gas in Chester when you hit the Rocky Point DVSP. Fill up your tank or run the risk of running out of gas. It's about 15-20 minutes each way to the gas station, from the DVSP so, we recommend hitting it on your way back to the Jonesville DVSP. It's a shorter detour and sort of kind of on your way.

13. Don't just cheer on your team. Cheer on the competition as well!

14. This is a fun and challenging relay. Be crazy, dress up, high five a running never know, you may just find the love of your life out there - Loco Romance, it's a thing!

15. Decorate your team vehicles. Make them just as Loco as you are! Just about anything goes, as long as we can see your "caution runners on the road" signs and team bib number signs, in the front and back of your vehicles!

16. Take a ton of pictures. Don't forget to use #runloco2018 if you post them on social media! We LOVE seeing everyone get Loco!

17. There is almost zero cell reception out on the course. You will possibly get reception as you get closer to the Lake Almanor side of the course (Rocky Point DVSP) and many people get it at Rocky Point DVSP and near Yellow Creek on the Humbug stretch of the course but that is usually it. If you need to check in with anyone, plan accordingly and try to do it when you hit  HWY 89, going towards Rocky Point DVSP. This also means that you need to communicate with your other team vehicle folks PRIOR to race day to figure out approximately how long they have until they need to meet up and tag you at the next DVSP.

18. No single use water bottles are allowed on the course. Please bring larger water containers and refill your own bottle. We will only have 10-15 gallons of water at the smaller, more remote aid stations and plenty of water at the DVSPs.

19. Pack in , pack out. Do NOT leave your litter/trash anywhere out on the course, or at ANY of the aid stations!!! There is a large dumpster at the finish line to throw your trash away. If you litter out on the course, we can be fined and loose our permits for the following year. If you leave your garbage at the aid stations/DVSPs, we have to haul it ALL out and dispose of it. Ew. We would love it if you could please bring a few trash bags and be responsible for taking your own trash off of the relay course.


20. DO NOT throw ANY garbage in the toilets along the route. They are pit/vault toilets and anything other than human waste and toilet paper really jams them up. The forestry department then has to come pump them out. Thanks!




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