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So, you want to know where you are headed do ya? Here you go!


The Loco Crew used MotionX GPS to record tracks and waypoints for the Loco Route. This app works on iPhones and iDevices that have data. They are not available on any other type of phone.


The Links provided here will take you to a page that shows a map of the route or waypoint and give you a few choices for downloading them onto your own device. There will be a KMZ file or a GPX file available for download (located above the map). KMZ files are used on Google Earth and may be a good choice for those of you who not have an iPhone (you can also try BackCountry Navigator). GPX files are for those of you who have an iPhone and have the app MotionX GPS downloaded.


You will need to download your app on your phone FIRST and then click on these links, using your phone. This will allow you to download them into the navigational app that you are choosing to use. 


You will need to download an offline map of the entire Loco course area PRIOR to race day. If you do not download an offline map of the area PRIOR to race day, you will find yourself on the course with only the route and waypoints on your screen but NO map behind it.


For your offline map bounadaries, use Butte Meadows to Lake Almanor/Chester, as your western and eastern boundaries and HWY 32/36 and just above Paradise as your northern and southern boundaries.



Each of these links is part of the Loco Route. Click and download each one to create the complete Loco route.


Here are the links to each of the waypoints for the Start/Finish, Legs, DVSPs & the helipad near the start of Leg 22. Click and download to have these waypoints on your phone, mapping or GPS device.


Start/Finish/Leg 6:


Leg 2:


Leg 3:


Leg 4:


Turn Around Point Leg 4, Philbrook Dam Parking Lot:


Leg 5:


DVSP #1, 3 & 5 & Legs 7/19/25:


Legs 8/26:


Legs 9/27:


Legs 10/28:


Legs 11/29:




DVSP # 2 & 5, Legs 13/31:


Legs 15/33:


Legs 16/34:


Legs 17/35:


Leg 18:


Leg 19:


Leg 20:


Leg 21:


Leg 22:


Leg 23:


Leg 24:


Leg 36:


Helipad near start of Leg 22:














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