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Little Loco Relay Results 2019

Congratulations to our top finishers of 2019 and all teams who came out and ran Loco with us this year! registration for 2020 is now open!


1. Duo Loco - 10hr 57min

2. Poongie Fish - 12hr 21min

3. The Salty Scalawags - 12hr 43min


1. Land Lovers - 11hr 49min

2. It's All Fun Except The Running - 12hr 28min

3. Rum Runners - 12hr 29min

4. Trail Running Adventures -  13hr 22 min

5. Running Wild - 13hr 27min

6. Swashbuckling Sisters - 15hr 14min


Treasure Chest Full of Heart 

Clam Bake

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