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Little Loco 2017 Results

Below are the results from The Little Loco Relay 2017.

Congratulations to our Loco winners and excellent job to all of you for pushing yourselves mentally and physically out on the Loco course! We heard stories of bears, dust...Leg 10 (and a union strike forming against it), crying, frustrations, inspirations, Loco love found and reaffirmed out on the course, amazing volunteers and aid stations, more dust, more Leg 10 hate mail, Loco van families reunited, full moons, half moons, road kills, blown tires, teams uniting to help other teams and sweet finish line stories. We witnessed casual joggers realize that they are runners indeed and runners push themselves to smash previous PRs. It was a great day to go for a little run. Thanks for running crazy and letting your Loco hang out.

Don't forget that The Loco 200 Relay is back in 2018,

along with The Little Loco Relay! 

Farm To Forkers - 8hrs 46min
Pocos Pero Locos - 9hrs 45min
Quads of Fury - 11hrs 4min
Run So Farians - 11hrs 31min
The Sith - 13hrs 4min
The Jedi - 13hrs 4min
WTF: Where's the Finish?! - 14hr 9min

Team Whispering Pines - 9hrs 40min
Butte County Defenders - 10hrs 31min
Naturally Loco - 10hrs 53min
Team Reagan - 11hrs 18min
Runs With Scissors - 11hrs 23min
Wile E. Roadrunners - 11hrs 24min 23sec
Runs With Scissors Too - 11hrs 24min 38sec
RTWRFIAGITWT - 11hrs 53min
Butte Kickers Van 2: Electric Bugaloo - 11hrs 56min
Butte Kickers Van 1: Trial Separation - 12hrs 36min
The Bizz Johnson's Loco-Motive Express -12hrs 40min
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time II -13hrs 11min
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time - 13hrs 12min
Running Wild - 13hrs 25min
Powered By 212 Degrees In Motion - 14hrs
Butte County Defenders II - 14hrs 05min
Trail Avengers - 14hrs 19min
Clam Bake 2.0 Heroes On The Half Shell - 14hrs 59min
Some May Never Live But The Crazy Never Die - 15hrs 15min
Paradise Bad Ass Lady Gang - 15hrs 38min
WWMMD? - 15hrs 40min

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