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Little Loco Start Line Location

This will take you straight to the Little Loco start line:


  • If you are coming from Chico, it will be on your right, 8.5ish miles past Zavaterro's in Forest Ranch (you can watch your odometer once you pass it on Nopel Ave & HWY 32).

  • If you are coming from Chester, Susanville or anywhere in that direction, please use the link above. Start line will be on your left.

  • You really can't miss it if you keep an eye out.

  • Some of you might have GPS that says it is at the intersection of HWY 32 & Carpenter Ridge Rd. You can go with that.

  • There is no actual address.

  • You probably won't have cell service much past Chico on HWY 32 (or at the race) so, input GPS location BEFORE heading up on HWY 32 so you can access directions.

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