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We      Our Loco Racing Team Ambassadors!

The Loco Race Team is looking for a few more awesome Ambassadors to round out our Loco Race Team Ambassador program. If you are interested, please take a look at the questions/qualifications below. If you fit what we are looking for at this time, we would LOVE to hear from you!!! Please email your answers to the qualification questions below to and title the subject line with LOCO AMBASSADOR 2019.

If you are chosen to be a Loco Race Team Ambassador, you personally will receive 50% off of each of our 6 races in The Loco Race Series, one 25% Off Discount per race to share, unlimited 10% off discounts to share, some SWEET swag and amazing support and comradery from the Loco Race Team.

We can’t wait to meet you!

1. Are you from any of the following cities/towns: Sacramento/West Sacramento, San Fransisco, Redding/Shasta, San Jose Area, East Bay Area, Reno (NV), Medford (OR), Portland (OR), Tahoe Area, Susanville (CA)? (It is not required that you are from one of these areas however, you may be more likely to be chosen if you are) If so, which one. If not, where are you from?

2. Do you run in at least 6 races per year?  Have you ever ran any of the Loco races? Which one/s? Which races have you ran in the past (please give an example of 2017 & 2018 race schedule) and what races are you registered for in 2019?

3. What distance/s do you normally like to run?

4. Are you currently part of a running ambassador program? Which one?

5. Can you commit to the following:
A. Wearing at least one piece of VISIBLE Loco Team Swag to all events that you are running in in 2019?

B. Passing out Loco Race Series postcards at events you attend and/attending local running events in your area and/or putting them on attendees cars at the event? ARE YOU COMFORTABLE ENGAGING RUNNERS AT RUNNING EVENTS AND TELLING THEM ABOUT THE LOCO RACES AND GIVING THEM A POSTCARD?

C. Posting weekly on your social media outlets about the Loco Race Series (offering discounts, talking about race swag, course, registration or any other awesome thing you can think of). We provide several social media memes and pictures to use throughout the year for higher visibility.

D. Keeping up and in touch with the Loco Race Team via our Loco Race Team group on social media?

E. Visiting local businesses in your area to put up postcards and fliers.

6. Are you part of at least 2 different running clubs or groups (they don’t both have to be clubs). Are any of them social media running groups? Please list all clubs and groups that you belong to. ARE YOU COMFORTABLE ENGAGING THESE GROUPS TO TALK ABOUT THE LOCO RACE SERIES AND OFFER YOUR DISCOUNT CODES?

7. Please tell us why you are the perfect fit for the Loco Racing Team Ambassador Program!

8. Want to tell us more about your awesome self? This is the spot!

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