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Loco 200 Leg 12 (Van 2)

See important information below the image.
Loco 200 Full Map of Legs

Leg 12 (VAN 2)

*The Lake Almanor Recreation Trail is pavement. It is usually covered in pine needles and leaves during this time of year

Once van is across HWY 89 to designated drop area on Prattville Butt Reservoir Rd on the right (.1 miles after crossing hwy), runner begins leg 12 at the marked trailhead of Lake Almanor Recreation Trail on the right.

Runner follows trail approximately 4.7 miles

At mile 4.7 runner takes a left off of recreation trail and heads towards Rocky Point Campground (this turn will be clearly marked)

Runner runs to DVSP #2, located within Rocky Point Campgrounds, on the beach of Lake Almanor.


Once runner starts on trail head, Van 2 will not be able to follow their runner.

Please be sure that runner has a full water bottle and their choice of runners fuel (gu, shot blocks, bars, etc).

Van 2 will meet their runner at Rocky Point Campground at designated van switch point to retrieve their runner (after dropping runner, head back to HWY 89, take a right onto HWY 89. Look for signs on left for Rocky Point Camp Grounds, just past signs for Big Meadows Rd on the right. Follow rd all the way down).


SWITCH VANS at designated van switch point area at mile 5.1


This is a very good area for either group of runners to stretch, relax and rest.

There are day use areas and campsites for rent. The sites are $25 per night. Your team can should only need 1 campsite. You can switch out using the site as the vans switch.

The Loco crew suggests that resting vans (van 2 coming in or van 1 before heading out) rent a campsite (even though it is only for 4-5 hours) and get some rest.

There will be a light meal available here for runners, courtesy of Serrano's Mexican Grill and Chuck Patterson Toyota.

It should be sometime between 5-8:30pm when van 2 arrives here, a perfect time for a light dinner and some shut eye!


If you rented a campsite here on Friday (the first time you came through), you are all set and should be able to pull back into that same site and catch some ZZZZzzzzzzzzs!

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