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Loco 200 Leg 13 (Van 1)

See important information below the image.
Loco 200 Full Map of Legs

Leg 13 (VAN 1)

***Gas up your vehicles before beginning this leg!!!

You can do so at M & M Gas & Minimart at 303 Main St, Chester. Approximately 12.5 miles from Rocky Point Campground (head west on HWY 89, turn right onto CA-36 East, turns into Main St. once you hit Chester)

This is leg essentially leg 12 in reverse

Runners begin at Rocky Point Campground and follow signs to the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail.

Runners follow the Recreation Trail for approximately 4.7 miles (the same way the runner before them came in) to where the trail crosses Prattville Butt Reservoir rd and turn left onto Prattville Butt Reservoir Rd where their van will pick them up to cross HWY 89..

Once runner starts on trail head, Van 1 will not be able to follow their runner.

Please be sure that runner has a full water bottle and their choice of runners fuel (gu, shot blocks, bars, etc).

Switch runners at designated area at mile 5.1



Since Van 1 can not follow their runner on this leg, Van 1 will meet runners at designated pick up area.

From Rocky Point Campground, turn right onto HWY 89.

Turn right onto Prattville Butt Reservoir Rd.

Immediately follow instructions from parking attendant to pull over and wait for your runner.

Please do not drive immediately to the pick up point as space is limited.

The drive from the campground to the designated pick up area should take approximately 10-12 minutes.

Please try and time your arrival to retrieve your runner accordingly based on their pace.



When runner is done running leg 12, please get in your van and have your van drive across HWY 89 before letting the next runner get out to run leg 13.

There will be a designated area at the end of leg 12 to pull your van over and collect your runner. There will also be a designated area directly on the opposite side of HWY 89 to drop the next runner to begin leg 13.

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