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Loco 200 Leg 30 (Van 1)

See important information below the image.
Loco 200 Full Map of Legs

Leg 30 (Van 1)

Sweet relief, downhill...or is it?!

Runners descend a little over 1500 feet in this short leg!

Continue on Humboldt Rd

Pass Jonesville Road and continue on Humboldt to the Jonesville Snowmobile Park.

End leg at the Jonesville Snowmobile Park and enjoy a much needed rest!


SWITCH VANS at designated vehicle switch point at mile 4.6

The Jonesville Snowmobile Park is a great wide open, paved parking area, perfect for throwing down a sleeping bag and taking a little siesta!

You can get really fancy and even bring a small tent and some foldable chairs.

Chances are it will be Friday night and dark when you arrive here so if you are Van 1, get comfy and stay a few hours!


Van 2, you have the option of leaving Lake Almanor when your legs are done there and instead of camping in Almanor, get gas first in Chester, and drive straight to the Snowmobile to rest park via HWY 89 to HWY 36 through Butte Meadows onto Humboldt.

This will bring you in the opposite way of running traffic.

If you pass runners on the way in, please use extreme caution. Stay alert and drive slowly!

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