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So You Would Like To Be A Loco Volunteer?!

We LOVE that about you!


The Loco Crew LOVES and APPRECIATES our volunteers! To show our massive amounts of love and appreciation, all volunteers are invited to join in the after party festivities! In the case of The Loco Go Big or Go Home Challenge,

that means joining us at the Bambi Inn before or after you volunteer for our all day breakfast!


As a volunteer, you will also receives 50% off of registration for either The Loco Go Big or Go Home Challenge, 2018

(any distance), The Loco 200 Relay, 2018, or the BMT.


But we saved the best for last! As a Loco volunteer, you will get unlimited amounts of smiles, praise and high fives for all of you hard work, dedication and support for our runners! ...After all, isn't that why you are volunteering?!


To volunteer for this event, please email

Please type VOLUNTEER FOR LOCO CHALLENGE in the subject line of your email.

Thank You!!!

Volunteer Meeting

First thing is first...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VOLUNTEERING! Without you, this race would not be possible!

Below is the info on our mandatory volunteer meeting.


Date: TBA RSVP to


Where: We will meet at the Bambi Inn, in Butte Meadows. We will drive to your designated aide station so that you are familiar with where you are going. 


From Chico, take HWY 32 to Humboldt Rd (you will see big signs on the right hand side of the road, past Forest Ranch, for The Outpost and the Bambi Inn). Take a right onto Humboldt Rd. Drive approximately 6 miles. Bambi Inn will be on your right.


From Paradise, take Skyway sll the way until you hit Butte Meadows. Bambi Inn will be on your right.


Bring some layers, just in case. It can get chilly in the mornings. Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes (tennis shoes or the like, no flip flops, sandles or flats).


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