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Butt Chafing and Finish Lines

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

We've dropped in to talk about something that's been chaffing our butts lately -

Sad face yellow sticky note representing sad trail runners who had the finish line closed up on them early during a trail race.

We're here to talk about races that close the finish line or aid stations EARLY, before cut-off time has been reached and before all runners have come through.

Loco doesn’t do much in the way of calling anyone out, but it seems this is a trend that is getting stronger, and we felt it should be addressed so, here goes. An open letter, to races across the globe who shortchange the hard-working runners in the back, well within cut off time (yep, even if that’s only by 30 seconds). If this resonates with you, feel free to share.

"Dear Race Events That Close Up Early,

WTH? Unacceptable.

Cut offs are being met. Now you hold up your end. Show the eff up and see it through.

Race directors, direct better. Are your volunteers closing up shop early? Guess what? That’s still you. Fix it. Let your peeps know that their actions are a direct reflection of you and the event that your company is putting on. Let them know they need to do the right thing. If for some reason they can’t keep their commitment, they need to let someone else know who CAN stay and hold the torch for the runners out there working their backends off.

That last part is important. Maybe you should write it down. There are still runners out there. They are working their asses off. They are within cutoff time and are just as important as your front runners and middle of the pack runners.

That about covers it, but if we’ve missed anything, feel free to hit us up for more “encouragement” to get your heads out of your 5th point of contact.

On Behalf of Back-of the-Pack and DFL Runners Everywhere,

The Loco Crew"

First of all, let us be clear before people start losing their minds. Loco is fully aware, and completely respects, events that have cutoffs and follow them (especially for safety reasons). This letter is NOT for those races.

This is a letter to events that set a cut off time and start closing up BEFORE that time has come (as in they take down the finish line, pack up the post-race food, aid stations…or even – gasp – totally leave). They know who they are. Mistakes happen. Hopefully they see the error of their ways and make a change.

Phew. We feel much better. How about you?

Wondering how Loco handles things? We have a completely different approach. Let’s just say that the Loco Race Series will never close the finish line before cutoff. In fact, we are a little extreme. We love all you Loco runners and stay until the last runner is through the finish line. Yes, (unless there are safety concerns) we have been known to extend cutoffs. A lot. Why? Because we believe that if you can keep putting one foot in front of the other, you deserve to cross that finish line.

We know this “everyone should finish” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s cool. Run fast and cross the finish line early. You’ll never know we stayed longer than anticipated and, great news! Since they are the last runners, an extension of the cutoff won't affect anyone's elite standings on UltraSignUp (hope that wasn't your argument, oops).

Know that when you sign up for a Loco Race Series event, like our upcoming Little Loco (April 1st), you can count on us to be there at the finish line, whether you run your keister off and earn yourself a podium finish or you hit a wall at mile 40, bust through that sucker, and drag yourself to the finish line, DFL. As long as you keep doing your part and keep moving forward, we will be there doing our part, cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way. We'll never close up early, and we'll never leave you stranded on the trail. We'll be there waiting for you at the finish line with a cold drink, hot meal and all the high fives you can handle.

Love & Dirt,

The Loco Crew

P.S. Did this post make you feel something in your gizzard? Subscribe and look forward to weekly gizzard tickling from your friends at the Loco Crew. Want to share your thoughts about events closing down the aid stations and/or finish line early? Leave us a comment and be sure to hit the little heart button below!

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Dec 26, 2023

Thanks for always being there for the back of the packers!


Dec 24, 2023

100%. Looking forward to running and working LOCO. All the runners are HEROS and deserve all the love!


Dec 24, 2023

And that is why I love Loco!! Thank you for being there for the finish of my first ever 50k!

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