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Welcome to The Phuckery: Chronicles of the Loco Race Series & Sierra Nevada's Wildest Trail Runners

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

The Phuckery is a Loco Trail Race Series blog, where we like to run wild and break all the rules! If you're looking for a gentle jog through the park, you're in the wrong place. Here you can enjoy a weekly dose of sarcasm and humor from the team behind the Loco madness, sharing race recaps, horrible trail running advice, ridiculous tales from the dirt and behind the scenes stories that will make you laugh, cry and wonder why the hell you trust us to get you back to the finish line.

We will also be documenting our challenging and gorgeous adventure trail races that wind through the Sierra Nevada's and push you to your limits. You can come back here and relive the glory (or the agony) whenever you feel like it.

Bonus: we might even leak some Loco Trail Camp info here...but, probably not because what happens at Trail Camp, stays at Trail Camp. So sit back, grab a cold drink, and get ready for some fun, and inappropriately hilarious tales from the trails from the craziest Loco runners around.

Subscribe to The Phuckery and leave us a comment telling us the worst spot you've ever chaffed!

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4 comentarios

26 dic 2023

Love all things loco!

Me gusta

24 dic 2023

I love Loco! I love trail camp! We need more blog posts though 😊

Me gusta

24 dic 2023

TRAIL CAMP here I come. I am so stoked to read more and come work some events with you LOCO beauties!

Me gusta

24 dic 2023

Love the blog, can't wait to read about more adventures!

Me gusta
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