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What Kind of Weather Runner are You: A Filthy Phoenix? Maybe a Frosty Flamingo?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Weather. It can't be escaped, no matter where you live - unless you live on the moon - but we digress. Just like the assortment of weather one could encounter while out on a run, there are an equal number of groups that runners fall into pertaining to said weather.


The Rainmaker: This runner is convinced that they have special powers to summon rain just by going for a run. You can usually spot this magical group by checking their social media posts. Look for phrases that include "You're welcome, everybody! Just put my running shoes on, stepped out the door and now it's raining!" (Posts are usually accompanied by some sort of nonchalant or artsy photo of them or their gear soaking wet). Their posts can be found alongside posts from car washing fanatics who believe that by washing their vehicles, they too have the power to make it rain.


The Game of Thrones Runner: We borrowed this one from our friends over at Shape. These are the runners who are constantly letting anyone who will listen know that "winter is coming" and they'd better enjoy the warm temps while they last!


The Sun Chaser: This runner is like a solar panel - they need to soak up as much sunshine as possible to power their energy. They usually have a smile on their face, are eating granola or a handful of nuts and waving emphatically at everyone they pass.


The Heatwave Hero: This runner is like a superhero, immune to the sweltering heat and humidity that makes the rest of us melt like popsicles in a jock straps. Take caution when approaching the HwH. They are often sweating so much that the sun's rays reflect off them at every angle and have the same effect as snow blindness.


Speaking of snow...anyone living above 2000' has seen the Frosty Flamingo. This runner is a rare and exotic species, known for their ability to gracefully run through snowdrifts while looking stylish and fabulous. They're always dressed to impress in their matching winter running gear, and their form is so graceful that they might as well be dancing on ice. But don't be fooled by their elegant exterior - this runner is tough as nails, and they're not afraid to break a sweat in even the coldest temperatures. So, if you see a Frosty Flamingo running by, be sure to stop and admire their beauty and resilience.


The Filthy Phoenix: This runner is like a mythical creature, rising from the mud and dirt with each step they take. They relish the opportunity to get down and dirty on their runs and are always covered in mud and dirt from head to toe. They wear their mud stains like badges of honor...even the ones on their backside that don't exactly look like mud. The Filthy Phoenix loves nothing more than the feeling of squishing through mud puddles, and they'll happily drag their fellow runners along for the muddy ride. But don't be fooled by their tough exterior - this runner is also a master of cleanliness, with a well-stocked arsenal of baby wipes and cleaning products at the ready. So. if you see a Filthy Phoenix coming your way, be prepared for a muddy adventure that will leave you feeling both filthy and fabulous.


The Climate Crusader: This runner is like a mad scientist, obsessed with experimenting on their body's limits in all types of weather. They're convinced that running in extreme weather conditions is the only way to truly experience the full range of human emotions, from pain to suffering to sheer lunacy. The Climate Crusader relishes the opportunity to run in anything from hailstorms to heatwaves, and they'll do whatever it takes to get their fix, even if it means running at the crack of dawn in freezing wind or in the middle of the night during a hailstorm. The Climate Crusader may be a bit unhinged, but they're also a master of preparation, with a closet or carful of gear that would make even the most seasoned adventurer jealous. So, if you see a Climate Crusader out on the trail, join them for a guaranteed good time. They're not just runners, they're wildcards, and you never know what kind of weather-related insanity they might be cooking up next!


Pretty sure many-a-Loco-runner falls into one of the last two groups based on the 2021 Little Loco and 2019 Loco Challenge pics! We always knew Loco runners were badass. 2019 proved it, but 2021 took it to a whole new level. Anyone else remember the hail? The snow? Rain? Hail? Rain? Snow? Mud? Mud? Mud? Drop us a comment and give us your best recap of that incredible race in 4 sentences or less!

Love & Dirt,

The Loco Crew

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Dec 26, 2023

Climate crusader!


Dec 24, 2023

Full on Sun chaser, with a tad of The Game of Thrones here! Bring on the heat!


Dec 24, 2023

I'm part Sun Chaser and part Frosty Flamingo (without the cold weather, or running gracefully part) it's just because I like to be all matchy matchy in my running gear ;)

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