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Congratulations to all of our Little Loco Relay 2018 finishers and to our winning teams, Mid Leg Crisis, 1st Place Regular Team and Poongy Fish, 1st Place Ultra Team! We had such a great time running Loco with all of you this year and can't wait to do it again (in September!!!) next year. Below are this year's results. You can find the awesome pictures from this year's event on our Facebook group here: 

See you all in 2019!!! In the meantime, stay Loco my friends!

Ultra Teams

Poongy Fish - 11hrs 56min

Don't.Stop.Me.Now! - 13hrs 24min

We Thought You Said Rum - 13hrs 39min

Regular Teams

Mid Leg Crisis - 9hrs 24min

Bear As.S - 9hrs 40min

Wile E. Roadrunners - 10hrs 50min

Adventure Is Out There - 11hrs 11min

The Agony Of The Feet - 12hrs 04min

The Young and the Breathless - 12hrs 08min

Butte Kickers - 12hrs 11min

More Adventure Is Out There - 12hrs 52min

Funky Monkeys - 13hrs 41min

Running Wild - 14hrs 23min

Durham Locos - 15hrs 21min

Delightfully Dear-Ranged- 15hrs 45mins

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