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Becoming a Sponsor for The Loco 200

The Loco 200 Relay is a 200 mile relay race that runs through beautiful Lassen National Forest, over historical bridges, past the flumes and alongside the shores of Lake Almanor, in Northern California. We are anticipating approximately 350 participants, volunteers and spectators along the course.

Teams will have 12 runners, 6 ultra runners or 2-3 ultra supreme runners. Each person on a 12 person team will run 3 legs of the relay, totaling approximately 18-22 miles altogether. With the 6 person ultra team, the running doubles per runner. With 2-3 person ultra supreme team, each runner is officially loco and will be running almost 72 miles!

There will be several themed legs (with opportunities for sponsorship) throughout the race to keep runners on their toes. This is a great opportunity for sponsors to get their products out there. Donate your products as a prize! There will also be well stocked aide stations with delicious snacks and refreshments provided by our awesome sponsors! 

There will be an after party at the finish line hosted by the Bambi Inn in Butte Meadows! There will be music, prizes and every runner gets barbeque and a beer! The after party is another fantastic opportunity for sponsors who would like to donate their products as prizes to be seen by all who attend!


A portion of The Loco 200 Relay’s proceeds will be donated back to The National Forest Foundation, Wildlife Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Northern California Chapter and the Spondylitis Association of America. What a wonderful way for sponsors to show their support for several great causes!


This is our a perfect opportunity for sponsors to get in while our relay is still young and grow with us!


Thank you for your consideration!


Karey Humphreys-Cooper

Owner, Race Director

Why Become a Sponsor?


  • Increased Sales


  • Product Sampling


  • Enhanced Product Credibility


  • Association of your business or product with a positive, health related community event.


  • Opportunity to make a positive difference in the growth of the community on the course.

Sponsorship Levels


  • The Loco Relay Title Sponsorship - $3000


  • Diamond Sponsorship - $2,000


  • Platinum Sponsorship - $1,500


  • Gold Sponsorship - $500


  • Silver Sponsorship - $300


  • Bronze Sponsorship - $100


  • Friends of The Loco 200 Relay (Sponsorship in kind/merchandise less than $500 value)


  • Depending on product/merchandise donation size, up to Platinum Level Sponsorship can be achieved through donation. Merchandise donation amounts as follows:  >$500 Friends of The Loco/$500Bronze/$700Silver/$900Gold/$1400Platinum

Benefits of Sponsorship



The Loco 200 Relay is an opportunity for your company to reach a concentrated mass of your target audience in one weekend. A sponsorship will surely generate in-store and online traffic and help promote your product.



Sponsors of The Loco 200 Relay will have an opportunity to advertise with their own printed material to put in the runners “swag bags”, individually reaching 350-500 runners, volunteers and spectators in the sponsors target audience. Many sponsors choose to include coupons, postcards with discount codes or a small sample of their product.


Flyers with The Loco 200 Relay’s sponsor names are distributed to businesses for display throughout California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.         



The Loco 200 Relay is supported by local and public relations efforts. We will be interviewed by several Northern California local publications and plan on advertising through radio commercials.



Each sponsors logo will be linked on The Loco 200 Relay’s website. We will also regularly mention sponsors on our Facebook Page.

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