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Little Loco

May 4, 2024

Forest Ranch, Ca

8:00 & 9:00 AM

Tired of running that 4.16 mile loop? Come run Loco's version of the backyard ultra-ish!


Take a journey back to the heart of trail running with the Little Loco, where the untamed wilderness of the Sierra Nevada mountains awaits. This isn't your typical, glossy, big-brand race; it's a tribute to the good old days of trail running.

As we mark a decade of dirt, sweat, and cheers, the Little Loco has evolved into a beast of its own making and has taken on a completely different format, using the same wild course. It's time to test your mettle with our new timed race categories. Whether you opt for a brisk 1-hour dash, a formidable 3-hour endeavor, an enduring 6-hour trek, or the epic 12-hour saga, you're in for an adventure where you can go as far as your legs and spirit can carry you in whichever timeframe you choose.

But wait, there’s more! The "LAST RUNNER STANDING" challenge. How far can you Run Loco when the only limit is the ticking clock and your own resolve? Enter the "Last Runner Standing" category and find out. Stand tall as the last male and female warrior on the course and be hailed as the 2024 Last Loco Runner Standing.

Will you outlast the others, or will they outshine you? Either way, we are with you to the end; Last. Runner. Standing.

Starting off at 3200 feet, the Little Loco course is a wild concoction of everything a trail runner's heart could desire: winding single tracks, elusive no-tracks, and rustic dirt forestry roads, all set against a backdrop of unpredictable weather, unwavering volunteers and diverse terrain.

The Little Loco is more than just a race; it's a tribute to the spirit of trail running. If you are a runner, you belong here.


Post-race, let us tantalize your taste buds with our deliciously loaded grilled cheese (gluten-free and vegan options, because we love you all), included with every registration.

Are you ready to get a little loco with us? Lace-up, show up, and keep the true spirit of trail and ultra running alive!

Check below for loop distances and map link. Important additional details about how the timing and loops work, ensuring you're fully prepared for your Loco adventure are coming very soon. Check back often and jump on our email list to be the first to know!

1, 3, 6, & 12 Hour Events

RUN! Run your chosen timeframe until you drop, until your legs fall off, until you know you cannot go another step - or play it safe. Be calculated. Only finish the loops you know you can finish within your allotted timeframe. The choice is yours.

1-hour runners can definitely finish that first 3.8-mile loop within their 1-hour timeframe. Do they risk it and head out on the second loop (2.2 miles), or hold on 1 and hope no one else finishes loop 2 in the allotted hour? It's all about your goals and your strategy!

Here are the rules. They are simple:
1. You have whatever amount of time that you registered for to finish as many of the 6 loops, RAN IN ORDER, as you can.
2. If you are not back from your current loop by the time your registered timeframe ends, that loop does not count.
3. Everything that you completed PRIOR to your timeframe ending does.

In it to win your timed category?
Each male & female runner who finishes the most loops in each allotted timeframe, wins that category. If there is a tie on how many loops have been completed, the deciding factor will be how fast the tied loops were completed.

There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd male & female in each timed event category.

These rules hold up for the 1, 3, 6 & 12 hour events.

Curious about how the last runner standing event works? Check the info below!

Last Runner Standing Event

Here are the rules. They are simple:

1. RUN. JOG. SPEED WALK the 6 course loops, IN ORDER.

2. Each loop brings you back to the start/finish line, but don't get stuck there. The choice is yours on how much time you spend but, if you want to be the last runner standing, you MUST KEEP GOING.

3. Every 6 loops has a reset time. You MUST be back at the start/finish line to begin your next 6 loop set or else you will be DQ'd. This is why it is important to calculate your time in between loops. (See loop reset schedule below).

4. The time in between loop sets is yours to grab aid and rest - if you have time. Just be sure to toe the line when each loop set resets and it's go time again.

5. Each 6-loop set is a little under 33 miles, depending on who you ask. 

* Set 1: 8AM - begin race
* Set 2: 4PM - be back to toe the start line & begin new 6 loop set. You CANNOT continue if you did not complete prior 1-6 loops and make it back to start new set by 4PM.
* Set 3 & beyond: will have a 9-hour reset and will follow the schedule below:
*Continue resetting every 9 hours as necessary until there is only 1 male and 1 female runner left standing. YOU MUST ALWAYS COMPLETE YOUR 6 LOOP SET BY THE TIME THE NEW SET BEGINS OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE.

There can be only one. One male. One female.
Winning is simple. Complete the most loops. *

*If the last 2 runners in either (or both) categories are still out on the course when the 9-hour reset time is up, the race will go into "sudden death" mode. It will then be a race to complete whatever lap they are on and get to the finish line as fast as they can. Whoever reaches it, with the most laps under their belt, wins. If both runners have the same number of laps at this point, the winner will be determined by who reached the finish line first for their final lap. No slacking off in the final hour!


Loops & Distances

COURSE & MAP (miles approx)

Loop 1: 3.8 Miles (white line)

Loop 2: 2.2 Miles (purple line)

Loop 3: 6.1 Miles (blue line)

Loop 4: 4.5 Miles (green line)

Loop 5: 9.4 Miles (red line)

Loop 6: 6.7 Miles (yellow line)

Full Course Map is interactive: Click on any loop. Once there, choose "profile" to see elevation, etc. Run your mouse over the elevation profile once it's up to see exactly where the elevation is on the course).


What a race! Congratulations to our top finishers and strong work to everyone who came out to Run a Little Loco this year. It was an honor to see everyone work so hard. Legs were ran, times were recorded. Here they are:


12 LEGS:

1. Beverley Anderson-Abbs: 11hr 24m

2. Alan Abbs: 12hr 15m

3. Jacqi Liddiard: 18hr 32m

10 LEGS:

4. Keenan Hassell: 11hr 45m


5.Linda Lewis: 10hr 37m

6. Thomas McCoin: 11hr 12m


7. Kevin Beile: 6hr 51m

8. Sharon Sieveking: 7hr 31m

9. Emily Eppinger: 8hr 2m

10. Wesley Batton: 8hr 13m

11. Jody Deal: 10hr 15m

11. Ben Deal: 10hr 15m

12. Raven Ianoco: 11hr 6m


13. Brian Paisley: 5hr 4m

14. Ethan Paisley: 5hr 12m

15. Kirstin Lockwood: 6hr 29m

16. Louis Davis 6hr 30m


17. Derek Wais: 2hr 40m

18. Lorena Navarro: 3hr 37m

19. Amy Escatel: 3hr 37m

20. Terry Davis: 3hr 47m



Foothill Bandits: 11hr 2m

530 Pharmers: 11hr 48m

Did Somebody Say Shenanigans: 12hr 53m

The Salty Sole Sister & Some Stowaways: 13hr 52m


Punk in Drublic: 13hr 53m

Team Fireball: 14hr 28m


Belvedere Tigers: 15hr 10m

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