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Little Loco

April 1, 2023 (this date is a reschedule from 3.18.23)

1 Day, 65-ish Miles

2, 3 or 6 Runner Relay Teams

or Singe Runner Option

Forest Ranch, Ca

8:00 AM

Here's what you should know (Relay & Solo Runners):

1. Click a button above for more info on solo option or relay option.


2. There are two options for this race. Run the entire distance, relay style with your team, or run it as a solo runner and choose how many legs you will want to complete on race day. Same price for all options and distances.


3. There is registration a cap of 30 teams

4. There is a registration cap of 40 solo runners ***.

5. Relay runners: You do not need to have a full team to begin registering. One runner can register and hold a place on the roster for your team. Once teammates are ready, they register themselves and choose to join the correct team from a drop-down menu during the registration process. Team names can be changed later if needed. 

6. Individual runners: Register when ready - disregard team info.

7. This race will fill up fast.

***If you are running as a single runner register for the 65-ish mile distance option, regardless of how many legs you are wanting to complete - just remember, your options on race day are the first 2 legs, 4 legs, 6 legs, 8 legs, 10 legs or 12 legs, in order. You MUST complete the 2 leg section that you set out for IN ORDER to have a qualifying finish. You DO NOT need to choose how far you will run until you are out on the course, running. You tell us when you are done (just make sure it is in that 2 leg increment so you get an official finish). Each leg brings you back to the start/finish line aid station.

COURSE (miles approx)

Leg/Loop 1 & 12: 2.5 Miles (purple line)

Leg/Loop 2 & 11:  9.4 Miles (red line)

Leg/Loop 3 & 10: 6.1 Miles (blue line)

Leg/Loop 4 & 9: 6.7 Miles (yellow line)

Leg/Loop 5 & 8: 4.5 Miles (green line)

Leg/Loop 6 & 7: 3.8 Miles (white line)

Full Course Map (interactive: click any of the legs for more info. Once there, choose "profile" to see elevation, etc. Run your mouse over the elevation profile once it's up to see exactly where the elevation is on the course).


What a race! Congratulations to our top finishers and strong work to everyone who came out to Run a Little Loco this year. It was an honor to see everyone work so hard. Legs were ran, times were recorded. Here they are:


12 LEGS:

1. Beverley Anderson-Abbs: 11hr 24m

2. Alan Abbs: 12hr 15m

3. Jacqi Liddiard: 18hr 32m

10 LEGS:

4. Keenan Hassell: 11hr 45m


5.Linda Lewis: 10hr 37m

6. Thomas McCoin: 11hr 12m


7. Kevin Beile: 6hr 51m

8. Sharon Sieveking: 7hr 31m

9. Emily Eppinger: 8hr 2m

10. Wesley Batton: 8hr 13m

11. Jody Deal: 10hr 15m

11. Ben Deal: 10hr 15m

12. Raven Ianoco: 11hr 6m


13. Brian Paisley: 5hr 4m

14. Ethan Paisley: 5hr 12m

15. Kirstin Lockwood: 6hr 29m

16. Louis Davis 6hr 30m


17. Derek Wais: 2hr 40m

18. Lorena Navarro: 3hr 37m

19. Amy Escatel: 3hr 37m

20. Terry Davis: 3hr 47m



Foothill Bandits: 11hr 2m

530 Pharmers: 11hr 48m

Did Somebody Say Shenanigans: 12hr 53m

The Salty Sole Sister & Some Stowaways: 13hr 52m


Punk in Drublic: 13hr 53m

Team Fireball: 14hr 28m


Belvedere Tigers: 15hr 10m

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