The Loco 200 Relay Results 2015


Loco Runners!!! You have all been very patient waiting for the results of The Loco 200 Relay to post and now it's time...

Everyone ran a hard race but, who was the MOST Loco?!

2015 Results  (for more detailed information on set times and pace, please click here).


The Loco 200 Relay


Congratultions to the 12 Person Team Winners of The Loco 200 Relay 2015...Runs With Scissors!


Runs With Scissors - 32:19:26.200

Team VIvint: The Solar Jedis - 33:23:02.630

The Dirty Dozen - 33:35:13.516

Honey Mooning Badgers - 34:44:51.623

Team Reagan - 37:13:18.070


The Little Loco Relay (for more detailed information and pace, please click here).


Congratultions to the 12 Person Team Winners of The Little Loco Relay 2015...Butte Kickers!


Butte Kickers - 12:34:08.546

Bucketlist Bandits - 14:32:07.103

Damn Savvy Damsels - DNF

Dragon Ass - DNF



2014 Results

6 Person Ultra Team

Congratulations to the Ultra Team Winners of The Loco 200 Relay, 2014...Trinity Gold!

Trinity Gold - 29hrs 44mins
Shadowcat Runners - 32hrs 45mins
No Sleep 'Til Loco - 37hrs 29mins

12 Person Team

Congratulations to the 12 Person Team Winners of The Loco 200 Relay, 2014...Dutch Bros Rebels!


Dutch Bros Rebels - 32hrs 47mins
Pathfinders - 33hrs 33mins
Sole Mates - 34hrs 54mins
Honey Badgers - 35hrs 20mins
Redding Spine & Sports Medicine - 35hrs 26mins
Pt Belt Assassins - 35hrs 37mins
Sloppy Arthritic Moose - 36hrs 11mins
Buzzin' Dozen - 36hrs 40mins
All My Relaytions - 37hrs 11mins
Runs With Scissors - 37hrs 25mins
Butte Kickers - 38hrs 07mins
The Loco Team - 38hrs 22mins

Great job to all teams that came out and got LOCO with The Loco 200 Relay! Can't wait to see you all out there again in 2015 for some bigger, better Loco fun!



And the award for fastest LOCO Legs (7 & 34) are......

6 Person Ultra Team:
Female: Trinity Gold, Joanne - 1 Hour, 5 Minutes
Male: No Sleep 'Til Loco, Dan - 1 Hour, 43 Minutes

12 Person Team:
Female: Pathfinders, Tiffany - 1 Hour 3 Minutes
Male: Sloppy Arthritic Moose, Trent - 1 Hour 13 Minutes

LEG 34
6 Person Ultra Team:
Female: TIE! 
Shadow Cat Runners, No Sleep 'Til Loco, Trintiy Gold - Joanne, Kristin & Roxanne
1 Hour 16 Minutes

Male: No Male Ultra Runners On This Leg

12 Person Team:
Female: Runs With Scissors, Deana Ward - 1 Hour 12 Minutes
Male: Sole Mates, John - 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Congratulations to the winners of Loco legs 7 & 34! You are all certifiably Loco!









The Possibilities Are Endless!




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