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Weird Runner Food

As Suggested by All You Weirdos

julianne cheeto.jpg

This list is not in any way every single weird food suggested. Many runners listed things that someone else had already listed. There were also a high number of potato suggestions, along with different fruits...which all seem fairly standard, so we chose to omit them. Runners are still making suggestions so, as we get them and are able, we will add them here, if they fit the bill.

Jay S. Trail & Ultra Running, FB

Patagucci mackerel in garlic and olive oil


Carol S. Trail & Ultra Running, FB

Buffalo Milk


Radka S. Trail & Ultra Running, FB

Cracklings spread


Kieran F. Bad UltraRunning Advice

Garlic bread & lasagne sandwich


Karon Marie R Portland Just Run

Peanut butter smeared on Oreos


Jason B. Trail & Ultra Running, FB

Mashed potatoes & honey it of the same Ziplock!


John M Trail & Ultra Running, FB

Mashed potato tacos with guac.


Carrie B S.O.R.E, FB

Cold cans of SpaghettiOs (per her dad who ran ultras in the 70s)


Jay N, Trail & Ultra Running

Peanut Butter & Cheeto sandwich 


Kathleen J. Trail & Ultra Running

Frozen Banana Slices w/Chocolate Drizzle


Sarah H

Oreo peanut butter banana sandwiches


Teresa B Trail & Ultra Running

Spekboom smoothie at a waterpoint ...which is a succulent in South Africa


Sue M. Southern Oregon Runners

Raw Potatoes


Manie H, Bay Area Ultra Runners, FB

Watermelon dipped in broth

linda cheeto.jpg
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