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Running Playlist: From Pump-Up Jams to 'Why is This Even on Here?'

Hey, you wild bunch of trail-stompers!

Loco is exploring the playlists that fuel our uphill battles, soothes our aching soles, and sometimes, leaves us questioning our own musical taste mid-stride. Athletes everywhere have been known to get hyped up on some funky and unexpected tunes, but we think runners partake in the funkiest and most varied playlists of them all.

Need some new tunes to liven up your trail time? Lace up your Altras, pop in those earbuds (or don’t for you purists out there), and let’s hit the beat.

Don’t forget to let us know which playlist persona you belong to in the comments!

The "Born to Run" Anthems

We all have those power tracks, the ones that make us feel like we’ve got jetpacks strapped to our feet. These songs come on, and suddenly, you’re not just a runner; you're a superhero, a legend, a myth in the making! Maybe it's the unstoppable beat of "Eye of the Tiger" or the relentless energy of "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. These are the tunes that scream, “Yes, you CAN sprint up this vertical cliff face, barefoot, in the snow". Just remember, not everyone is hearing what you are!

The "Guilty Pleasure" Grooves

Ah, the secret spice of every playlist. These are the tracks you’d vehemently deny enjoying in public but privately belt out on a lonely trail. Maybe it’s the entire discography of ABBA or that one Britney Spears track you just can't quit. These tunes have a special place in our hearts (and playlists) and seem to possess a strange power to propel us forward, one guilty stride at a time.

The "Wait, What?" Tracks

It's time to address the oddballs, the misfits, the tunes that make you go, “Huh?” mid-run. Perhaps it’s the one-hit wonder from the '90s that you swore you deleted or that overly sentimental ballad that has you tearing up on a 10% incline. These are the songs that have no business being in your high-energy mix but somehow sneak their way in. Really, who hasn't had a moment of existential reflection to Toto’s "Africa" while trudging through the mud...or snow...or no track on the Lollipop Loop?

The "Are We There Yet?" Loops

The “please just get me there” songs, the tracks that keep you company through the highs, the lows, and the "I swear if I see another hill" moments. These are the songs that, for some reason, have the perfect tempo to match your stride, the rhythm that syncs with your heartbeat. They’re not flashy, they’re not fancy, but they’re the backbone of your playlist, the steady beat that carries you home.

The "Natural Symphony" Aficionados

And then, there’s the purist pack, the staunch defenders of the natural symphony – the no-playlist runners. These are the trail warriors who believe that the only music you need is the rustling leaves, the chirping birds, and maybe the occasional grunt of effort (or was that a bear?).

To these nature-listening connoisseurs, strapping on headphones is like wearing a blindfold in an art gallery. “Why drown out Mother Nature’s greatest hits"? They revel in the soundtrack of the wind whispering through the pines, the rhythmic crunch of dirt beneath their feet, and the distant call of a hawk circling overhead. This is a chance to let the beat of their own drum play. Some even argue that the music in their head is far better than any top 10 hit out there.

For them, running is a sensory banquet, a chance to tune into the world rather than tune it out. Plus, let's not forget the safety angle – these folks pride themselves on being alert to every twig snap or rustle, ready to face any trail surprises that comes their way.

What Are Locos Listening To?

We polled the Loco community to take a peek at their playlists and were tickled green to learn of some really unique, fun, and sometimes fascinating additions to playlists across the trails. Below is a list, that came from all of you. We strongly suggest giving some of these a listen. From Mongolian Rock to the Curious Goerge soundtrack, there’s something every one of you Locos!

NADDPOD episodes (Darren C.)

What Does the Fox Say (Kimberlee C.)

BeeGees (Bonnie S.)

Tap In, Saweetie (Sarah E.)

Beastie Boys (Genifer R.)

Mongolian Rock (Ross P.)

Tunak Tunak Tun (Andy L.)



Love & Dirt,


Your Chaos Coordinator

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4 comentarios

06 feb

Natural Symphony. Plus too uncoordinated to have on head phones and not trip on rocks and snakes. LOL . Great post!

Me gusta
Karey Cooper
Karey Cooper
08 feb
Contestando a

Seriously feel this! I don't know why while out on the trail music would make me trip over air, but it totally would!

Me gusta

Beverley Anderson-Abbs
Beverley Anderson-Abbs
06 feb

I'm right there with "They Might be Giants", but a little bit of the soft punk of "The Menzingers" gets me through a lot of miles on the road.

Me gusta
Karey Cooper
Karey Cooper
08 feb
Contestando a

Oh! Never heard of The Menzingers. I'll have to check them out!

Me gusta
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