The Loco Go Big Or Go Home Challenge 100k!

Saturday, June 6th

Butte Meadows, Ca

Lassen National Forest

Pictures of the course at the bottom of the page.

Link to other distances... HERE

Participant Cap:

40 Runners With Wait List Option

Start Time:


Race Morning Packet Pick Up (for 100k and 50k only):

5:15am - No EARLY BIRDS...for reals.

Location & Directions:

Starts & Ends at the Bambi Inn

7436 Humboldt Rd, Butte Meadows, Ca (may come up as Forest Ranch on your GPS, it's fine)


From Chico (most people will come this way):

Take HWY 32 (can be reached by taking the HWY 32 exit from HWY 99, for those of you who are coming from out of town) up towards Forest Ranch/Chester/Susanville. DO NOT GO TOWARDS ORLAND!!!

Once you pass through Forest Ranch, you will turn right on to Humboldt Rd. (about 10 miles past Forest Ranch). Follow it until you reach the Bambi Inn, on your right.

From Paradise:

Take Skyway all the way up to Butte Meadows, until Skyway ends/turns in to Scout Rd (gravel road).

Bambi Inn will be on your right.

From Susanville:

Take HWY 36 to HWY 32, towards Butte Meadows/Chico. Follow HWY 32 to Humboldt Rd, on your right (if you hit Forest Ranch, you went too far). Take a right on to Humboldt Rd. Bambi Inn will be on your right.


To date, no one gets cell service/data at the Bambi Inn and most people will only get 2 brief moments of cell service past Forest Ranch (most people loose it a couple of miles before hitting the official Forest Ranch sign). There has been a new tower put in , in Forest Ranch that seems to give some AT&T and Verizon users spotty service within the Forest Ranch area...

but for the love of Loco, please do not rely on this!!!

These things are important to note because if you are plugging the start line address in to your phone nav, do so BEFORE leaving Chico, Paradise, Susanville or else you may find yourself running some other route on race morning. Also, please don't die from not being able to immediately post every leaf, twig and sweaty runner selfie picture on social media. We have tried to get a universal Loco cell tower put in for many years now but, I guess we are doing it wrong...



Park in the dirt lot, across from the Bambi Inn. DO NOT park anywhere near the start line. It makes some runners grumpy when there are vehicles in their start and finish line photos.

Plus, it really pisses the RD off. 

Park as far back and away from the start line as possible and as orderly as you can manage. Space is limited so, remember, we are trying to fit as many vehicles in as possible. If you can carpool, even better!!! You will get extra high fives at the finish line. Not nearly as many as Matt Brayton , but a few.

If, and only if, the parking lot is full, you can park along the sides of Humboldt Rd, BEFORE the dirt parking lot. DO NOT PARK AFTER THE DIRT PARKING will block traffic and the start/finish line.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT park in front of the yellow gates/helipad, across from the dirt lot (will be on your left, on Humboldt Rd, coming in). It will block emergency vehicles from having access to the helipad. Tom, the owner of the Bambi Inn, will have your vehicle towed and we will have to make an embarrassing announcement.

Link To Route and Elevation Profile:

Link to 100k Route:

Looking for the elevation profile?

Click the route link. Once there, click the red route with your mouse. A little box will pop up. Choose "profile". The elevation profile will load at the bottom of the map. You can expand it and see some pretty neat info. Check it out. ALSO...before you expand the profile, move your mouse curser over the line of the elevation profile. It will place a red dot on the route and show you where that part of the profile lines up with the route. If you start at the beginning of the profile and slowly move your curser over the profile (from left to right), the red dot will follow, on the map, from start to finish. This will allow you to see the direction of the course. We find it pretty handy.

Cut Off Times:

Finish Line Cut Off: 11:45pm

Aid Station Cut Offs: 

Cold Springs: 6:20pm

***If you reach the 5E15 trail from Cold Springs and it appears you will be on the trail during dark hours, you will be pulled from the course.***

Crew Access:

Jonesville x1

Humbug X2

(Lowered vehicles will not make it on the road to Humbug. We were able to get a mini van half a mile from Humbug AS. Crew can park as far right as possible and walk the rest of the way to Humbug. SUVs & trucks can make it just fine.) 

Cold Springs x2

Snake Mouth x1


Crew Map Access:

Pro Tips:

#1.The closer you zoom in on this map,

the easier it is to understand and properly see where the labels and arrows are.

#2. On the colored lines (routes) and circle markers (locations), if you either click them or roll your mouse over them, the coordinates will come up. On several of them, there are also simple directions that come up.

Pacer Pick Up

Pacers can pick up their runners at Cold Springs #2 (NOT #1), approximately mile 41.

Runners can have 1 pacer on the course at a time only.

Pacers are welcome to meet their runner to crew them for Cold Springs #1 and then wait for them to complete the Cold Springs Loop to pick up and start running with their runner at Cold Springs #2.

Cold Springs #1 & #2 are the same location, different mileage.

Drop Bag Locations & Other Drop Bag Info:

Jonesville Snowmobile Park (x1)

Humbug (x2)

Cold Springs (x2)

Snake Mouth (x1)

Please drop your bags, next to the bear totem stump, at race morning packet pickup. There will be a small, easy to miss sign that says drop bags. Label your bag CLEARLY with your name, bib number and the aid station that it will be dropped at (your choices are Jonesville, Humbug, Cold Springs or Snake Mouth). Make sure your bag/s do not open/spill.

Drop bags from Jonesville will come back to the finish line in two waves. Once around 1 or 2pm and once when the aid station is closed up. Drop bags will come back from Humbug and Cold Springs once the aid station has closed up. Snake Mouth drop bags will be brought back to finish line when the aid station closes or, you are welcome to drive out and pick it up - Snake Mouth drop bags only (all paved road, on Humboldt Rd). Drive Slowly. Don't be the runner/driver that we hear about later from the locals!


All drop bags not picked up by the time the finish line is packed up, will be donated to ultra running orphans. We will not hold them, mail them, deliver them or make memorials to your trail spirit animal with them -

so don't ask!

Aid Stations (mileage is approximate):

The First One

MILE 4.5ish

Water Only


K Sisters

MILE 10.2

Full Aid Station

Water, Electrolytes, Soda, PB&J, Salt & Potatoes,

Potato Chips, Crackers, Oranges, Watermelon, Candy

Hydration Garden

MILE 13.9

Water, Electrolytes, Soda, Beer (get there before it runs out), Potato Chips, Watermelon, Candy

-Medic Located at this Aid Station

Water Junction

MILE 15.3

Water Only



Full Aid Station

Water, Electrolytes, Soda, PB&J, Salt & Potatoes,

Potato Chips, Crackers, Oranges, Watermelon, Candy, Cookies, Gu/Blocks or Similar

-Medic Located at this Aid Station

-Drop Bag

-Crew Access

Humbug x2

MILE 24ish & 31.5ish

Water, Electrolytes, Soda, PB&J, Salt & Potatoes,

Potato Chips, Oranges, Watermelon, Candy, Gu/Blocks or Similar,

Plus all the yummy homemade goodness that Robyn creates for you.

-Crew Access

Cold Springs x2

MILE  36.8ish  & MILE 41ish

Water, Electrolytes, Soda, PB&J, Quesadillas, Bacon, Soup (if it's cold),

Salt & Potatoes, Oranges, Watermelon, Candy

Medic Located at this Aid Station

-Drop Bag x2

-Crew Access

-Pacer Pick Up at Cold Springs #2 (Mile 41ish)

***After your last trip through Cold Springs AS, you will head back up the 5E15. It is imperative that you plan your race to complete this leg of the 5E15 and be off that trail BEFORE it is dark. If you hit the beginning of the trailhead without enough time to complete this section before dark, you will be pulled from the course.

For this reason, cut off at Cold Springs #2 is 6:20pm.

Snake Mouth

MILE 47.4

Full Aid Station

Water, Electrolytes, Soda, PB&J, Salt & Potatoes, Soup, Quesadillas,

Potato Chips, Crackers, Oranges, Watermelon, Candy, Cookies, Gu/Blocks or Similar

-Drop Bag

-Crew Access


Colby Mountain


Full Aid Station

Water, Electrolytes, Soda, PB&J, Salt & Potatoes, Soup,

Potato Chips, Crackers, Oranges, Watermelon, Candy, Cookies, Gu/Blocks or Similar


Course Description:

(For all of you who actually want to know what you are signing up for).

Your run will start off pretty mellow. Depending on what you are used to, it may stay pretty mellow or, around the 5E15 trail you may wonder what you've gotten yourself in to. Either way, you are going to love it. Just before the first time you jump on to the 5E15 trail, you break away from the 50k runners. The 100k course has a few hills. There are a debatable number of creek crossings. There will most likely be some trees down that you have to scramble over or side step around. You will make friends with the Jonesville Beast. You will participate in climbing something called mile high hill. There may or may not be beer at some of the aid stations - try and make it there before they run out. Our favorite area with single track is a stretch called the 5E15. We love it. There is all sorts of fun footwork opportunities to be had on that trail. Also, you will likely get wet on this trail. The 5E15 is where most of your creek crossings are. Plan appropriately. Fresh socks anyone?  You might want to consider bringing trekking poles and maybe even snowshoes (for Cold Springs area - wait until much later in the year to decide for sure on snowshoes). You will hit Humbug, run the Coon Hollow Loop (enjoying more creek crossings) and then hit Humbug again. You will hit Cold Springs twice. The Cold Springs loop is um, fun. Just ask anyone who ran it last year. This an area to keep your eyes peeled for survey flags. After this, leave Cold Springs and head back up the 5E15 (opposite direction then when you came down). This means double your 5E15 fun. No one is allowed on the 5E15 in the dark. IF it seems that you will be on it during dark hours, you will be pulled from the race before it starts. Next up is Snake Mouth AS. This is where your 2nd very brief stint on the pavement ends and Slow Death begins. DO NOT FORGET YOUR HEADLAMP. From Colby Mountain AS, it's all downhill to the finish a lot of downhill - steep - with moon dust for dirt in some places so, if you own moonboots...



The course will be marked with pink survey flags that have a specific color tape tag on it that matches your bib color (green). Sometimes there will be a small white laminated sign attached to it. Oftentimes it will be an arrow or directions. Do what the sign says and, if the tape tag isn't your color, don't follow it. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY COLOR TAPE IN THE TREES AND BUSHES!!! ITS NOT MEANT FOR YOU!!! IGNORE IT COMPLETELY!!! If you do not see a survey marker for a mile, you are going the wrong way. We try and lay them every quarter to half mile but, occasionally the wind, an animal or some super considerate person takes a flags

and you end up with a gap larger than a quarter to half mile.

Along the 5E15 Trail, we will have the pink survey markers AND there will be CAIRNS at different intervals along the way, helping ensure you are going the right way (don't know what a cairn is? It's those hippy zen rock stack/piles you see out in the middle of nowhere and in all of the cool kids outdoorsy photos). Keep your eyes out for these, especially when you are doing a creek crossing to get you back on the right path.


During the parts of the course that will be ran in the dark, the pink survey flags will have LED pin lights affixed to them and reflective tape.

The last bit about the survey markers should be taken seriously and filed away in your brain. We know some of you loose your minds out there. Remembering your course marker info will help you stay on track.

Swag & Awards: 

All participants get a race t-shirt, post race meal & a few surprise pieces of swag.

Medallions are so last year...all finishers who make it through the finish line by, or before, cut off get something super rad, like a custom Loco belt (belt NOT buckle...come back the following year and run the Loco 100 miler to get your buckle)!. You need to be registered by May 12th to guarantee  your belt though so get signed up now!

Prices & Deadlines:

$135 Through January 1st

$140 June 2nd-Race Day


As we said last year...

We keep the price for this race lower than most other 100k races

because we can't guarantee it won't suck. Seriously, it was almost named the Suck It Race because well, you know. What we can guarantee is that you will cross a lot of creeks (please don't ask us how may...we always get it wrong), you will go up some hills and down some hills, you can enjoy many types of weather (rain, snow, cold wind, hot wind, blazing heat), we will most likely change something on the course close to or on race day, at least one of you won't use a drop bag and wish you did, we are serious about donating your left behind drop bags to ultra running orphans and

you are going to love/hate this race!


The Possibilities Are Endless!




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