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Meet Sammie

Sammie is the official mascot of the Loco Race Series. With a friendly and energetic personality, Sammie is known for motivating runners to PR while fantasizing about his ooey, gooey deliciousness and bringing exhausted runners back to life. Whether it's providing a mouth watering, sensory overload for their sniffers at the start line or high-fiving runner's tongues as they take that first bite, Sammie is always there to support and motivate those Running Loco. Don't forget to keep an eye out for Sammie at Loco – you'll be sure to have a grilled cheese-tastic time!

Sammie's Story

After a grueling trail race through the woods, Loco runners stumbled upon the Little Loco finish line, exhausted and famished. Waiting for them was a towering, mouthwatering sandwich. Sammy, the grilled cheese mascot of the race, was sizzling on the griddle, delicious and golden brown. His crispy, fried cheese exterior gave way to a gooey, melty center, filled to the brim with rich, tangy blend of cheeses and topped with savory bacon, creamy hummus, slices of avocado, grilled mushrooms and onions, and fragrant, sauteed garlic.

But this wasn't just any ordinary grilled cheese. Oh no, Sammy was loaded to the max, with layers of savory toppings stacked high between his buttery, fried cheese bread. And for those runners who preferred gluten-free or vegan options, there were also versions of Sammy available to suit their dietary needs. That's Sammie's motto, "a sandwich to tantalize the tastebuds of all runners, everywhere".

As the runners sank their teeth into the warm, comforting embrace of Sammy, they couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction wash over them. This was the perfect reward for a hard-fought race, and Sammy beamed with pride, knowing that he had played a small but important role in their victory. And to wash it all down, there was a steaming hot bowl of tomato soup on the side, the perfect comforting companion to Sammy's hearty, savory goodness. These Loco Runners couldn't wait to enjoy Sammie at the next Loco race, the Forest Ranch Four, or even the Loco Challenge. They knew that from that magnificent day forward, Sammie would always be there to nourish them back to life so they could run another day.

A huge Loco thank you to our Loco artist, Trinity Gebhardt for bringing Sammie to life in artform and Chef Sara for putting all the Loco Love into creating an ooey, gooey, irresistible edible version of Sammie at every race for each and every Loco runner.

Think Sammie's a tastebud tingling oddity? Check out the results from Loco's weird runner food trials!


Forest Ranch, Ca & Butte Meadows, Ca


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